22G Financial is a successful name when it comes to financing businesses of all sizes, small, medium and big! Our highly qualified, experienced and licensed professional help you to understand different kinds of loans and guide you through the best option for you and your business. We operate through GTA and our customer service is available for you at any time. With 22G Financials, all the financing issues of your business can be resolved in a blink, that too without any hidden terms. We believe in 100% client satisfaction and transparency and that is what has helped us to a trustworthy name in the market.

With You, For You; Forever


We work to set you free by providing you the finances which will enable your existing business to grow and also help you start a new one. With the increasing market, there are lots of opportunities for you to explore. With 22G Financials, you do not have to hesitate once to take your business to new heights.


Our aim is to make taking & paying loans a seamless process for you rather than a burden. With easy repayment options & low interest rates, 22G Financial wants loans to be a solution instead of a short-term relief. This can be done when paying back the loans becomes easier & the customers do not have to spend a lot from their pocket for the interests.