22G Financial

To earn money, you need money! Do not worry if you don’t have enough. 22G financial will provide you with all the money you need to commence, expand or strengthen your business. We offer flexible loans, at the affordable and reasonable interest rates. The amount of the loan is not rigid and we can be lenient with it depending upon on your requirements. We offer Truck Loans, Business Loan and Business Line of Credit ACROSS GTA. Our team will guide you through the best kind of loan as per the needs of your business.

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Not enough finances for your business?



22G Financial is your best financing solution. We want to help you with your business without stressing you with high interest rates! We offer the following kinds of loans:

Truck Loan

Buying a truck or trailer has never been easier. 22G Financial gives you the best

Equipment Financing

From industries to offices, one needs numerous equipments for smooth

Business Line of Credit

It is one of the most convenient option for keeping your capital requirements and

Invoice Factoring

With 22G Financials’ invoice factoring you will never be out of/have shortage of

Asset Based Lending

Asset Based Lending helps you to obtain credit on your assets and you can pay

Private Funds/ Personal Loans

You do not need a guarantor to obtain Private Funds and there is no involvement

Why Us?

22G Financials have the best funding solutions for your business and we believe in making your work easier and smoother. We won’t let become a hindrance to the growth of your business. There are numerous reasons which make 22G Financials best in what we do; some of them are as follows:

  • You can make affordable and easy monthly payments
  • The credit gets approved the same day
  • We provide fleet financing/single unit
  • Our interest rates are low
  • We don’t charge any early payoff penalty
  • Numerous lenders